It’s stable, everyone!

Good news, everyone! Freedom for Android is stable now at version 1.2.4!

It took almost 4 years to make it and it works perfectly with Android 5/6/7.

We thank you for your dedication and feedback, your help is greatly appreciated. Help us to be better – spread the word about true freedom for apps that you own, if you buy something, you should buy it completely without any strings attached.

As always, you can download Freedom SodaPDF file from our Downloads page.

El Capitan, guys + apple service maintenance

in-appstore helped lots of people to buy virtual goods for free. Really, why do you need to buy something in app, if you already own it?

Today we are closing our service for apple infrastructure for maintenance. This means that iOS 5 in-app server and OS X in-app server will be temporary unavailable.

But. El Capitan is coming, and we have some great news for you:

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 16.31.33

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 16.32.15

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 16.32.25

updated in-appstore for OS X will be available at the same day as public El Capitan release.



Cydia Package and receipt generation are still functional.

It’s here (but in alpha)

Hello everyone!

Freedom for Android Lollipop (aka 1.0.7a) is ready. You can download it by visiting this link.

Please note that there are some bugs/features:

  • On second step on in-app purchase, you will be prompted for google play password, it will show you your real credit card details. But don’t worry, if you saw famous FakeCard on first step, no real transaction will occur. We will fix it in future.
  • We only tested android 2.3+ and market 3.10.9+, we are unsure that it will work on older dead software.

Good grief, now you can play online slots at with your smartphones.

This version can not be retrieved via automatic update in freedom, because it is in alpha. Once testing will be finished, this software will be available via update check in freedom.

PS: Check new “loading” banners!

What’s next? Freedom for Lollipop!

Hello everyone!

I suppose that you are excited about new arrival of SGS6/Edge. Really cool phones that comes with lollipop. How about Freedom, your favorite in-app purchasing emulator for Android devices?

Madkite and me are proud to announce that Freedom is coming to lollipop in couple weeks.

Please also note that freedom for lollipop will be available as public beta, so you may expect bugs.


What is


This website and service from ZonD80 and Madkite that brings software that emulates in-app purchasing mechanisms on popular mobile platforms: iOS, OS X  and Android.

If you are using iOS:

Please note that there are two versions on in-appstore for iOS. One for iOS < 6 and does not require jailbreak, second for iOS 6+ and requires jaibreak.

If you are running iOS < 6:

Please visit this page to know how to use in-appstore on iOS < 6.

If you are running iOS >= 6 and jailbroken (iOS 8 < 8.1.1. also supported!):

Please visit this page to know how to use in-appstore on iOS >= 6.

If you want to receive in-app purchases for free on OS X:

Please visit this page to know how to use in-appstore on OS X (please note that only OS X >10.6.8 are supported).

If you are using Android:

Please visit this page to know how to use for Android.


By using of our emulator software you agree with our Terms Of Service for iOS/OS X and Terms Of Service for Android.

Feel free to donate to our project. You can find information about donations here.

LocalIAPStore is compatible with iOS 8

Hello! LocalIAPStore is compatible with iOS 8. Feel free to use it on jailbroken iOS 8 devices.

We have updated description for package (added information about support of iOS 8.1)

Here are some useful links:

  • Please read here about how to use in-appstore on iOS <6: Read tutorial
  • Please read here about how to us in-appstore on iOS 6 (iOS 8 also supported): Read turotial

Please stay away from iOS 8.1.1, it patches jailbreak and you will no longer able to use in-appstore, because it requires jailbreak on devices running iOS 6 and newer.

64bit devices are also supported!

Google removed all blog content

Hello everyone!

It’s sad to announce that google totally wiped all blog on Without any notification.  Take a look at this:


Is it OK to “good, not evil” company to act like this?

The answer is NO. So now we are self-hosted with wordpress, full of vulnerabilities.

And, personally, I wanted to say to Google like Linus to nvidia:


All instructions and manuals will be uploaded and updated ASAP.