iOS <6

Getting started to receive your in-app for free on iOS < 5

This has been fixed by Apple in iOS 6, use Jailbreak manual instead for iOS 6

Usage of this manual means that’s you agreed with the Terms Of Service

If you have jailbroken device, simply add this repository: in Cydia and install package contained in it.

But, some of apps require connection to servers, so if your device did not jailbroken or you need to enable more apps you need to do the following:

Enabling in-appstore is simple. It takes only 3 steps:

  • Logging off your account
  • installation of CA and certificates
  • changing DNS record in wi-fi settings

Note, that in-appstore works only when you connected to Wi-Fi, not Cellular network.

Lets begin!



Sign off your appleID in Settings->Store->Tap on your appleid->Sign Off


Open this page into your iDevice. Install these certificates (just tap on links): First, Second. The order of installing is very important! Install first certificate first, second – second.


Open Wi-Fi settings on your iDevice and tap arrow on the right of your Wi-Fi network. Remove all data from DNS field and set it to this IP address: (more to come)

U’re done!

Go to your application and try to buy something! You will see dialog window asks you to Like, “LIKE” IT! When iDevice asks you to enter credentials, enter random credentials, not yours
It’s time for images:







It’s time for video:

If you see default app-store “Are you sure to purchase?” you ARE NOT CONNECTED TO IN-APPSTORE.COM. Please re-read instructions and try to setup service again.

Project is in beta stage. So there are restrictions:

You should use only when you want to get in-app purchase for free. After “purchasing” you must unset DNS. You can set it again without certificates installation to access in-appstore again.

You can not use AppStore application and every other sites/applications that require internet access while you are connected to Remember, in-appstore is only for purchasing in-apps for free. That’s all.


Help us!
Help the project by bitcoin 1CKXhzmv5myt1m9QrpbyXHq92kyjL6vAyK. Thanks.

Go back to in-appstore

Help the project by installing dnsmasq server by this config

18 thoughts on “iOS <6

  1. Memoitoi

    Sorry : Well working with some games others not (like clash of clans, samouraï siege,..).
    Somebody a solution ?

      1. meeko mason

        After following the directions .. It didn’t work.. NOW even after resetting my DNS back to default and uninstalling the Cydia app , my AppStore will not sign into any apple account so I can not update or install ANY APP from Apple AppStore .. I’m screwed . Can someone help?? [email protected]

  2. Ống Hút

    Hey everyone, First thank you developer who did all this for us.
    Second, i follow all the step but it seem not working hack on hayday or clash of clan and other online game. I see Luke’s comment about reset to default and try again. I am sorry can i have a guide for that. Is the DNS working still? Thank for the advise everyone.

  3. Ayano

    Just so you know this does not work on online games like coc since its online and it knows that somethings wrong since when you press buy and it doesn’t go all the way through. I would explain it more but I feel like this comment is already more confusing than it should be.

  4. disqus_d67FQLMvoB

    I see that there is a lot of concern over not working in online games. Online games like Clash of Clans or Hay Day are server-based games, meaning that they are disconnected from the main server. That means that free in-app purchases don’t work in server based games. However, they do work in single player games like Temple Run, or Subway Surfer. Hope this helps!


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