Hello! LocalIAPStore is compatible with iOS 8. Feel free to use it on jailbroken iOS 8 devices.

We have updated description for package (added information about support of iOS 8.1)

Here are some useful links:

  • Please read here about how to use in-appstore on iOS <6: Read tutorial
  • Please read here about how to us in-appstore on iOS 6 (iOS 8 also supported): Read turotial

Please stay away from iOS 8.1.1, it patches jailbreak and you will no longer able to use in-appstore, because it requires jailbreak on devices running iOS 6 and newer.

64bit devices are also supported!

  • Marcos Lisboa

    The cydia package is not updated:( how can i update?

  • Sylar

    are you working on Google Play version for Lollipop?

  • disqus_Bce4ZFYoI1

    When I try to use LocallAPstore on Cydia it’s not updated. Please help.

  • snos2

    Does anyone know why locallapstore will work once on first purchase on farm Heros saga . But fails after that
    Is there any receipt I can delete using file so it thinks it’s the first time again ?

    • Karsten Kilgutz

      do you know why localiapstore only works once and then stops working?

  • ken

    freedom not support android 5.0 pls update

  • rodrigoswz

    Support for Android 5.0 Lollipop PLEASE!

  • Dodu

    When locallappstore for iOS 8.1.1?

  • Eleonora

    Now that ios 8.1.1 is jailbreakable with taig is localAPStore compatible with ios 8.1.1? Could somebody confirm me that??

  • Cristian Betances

    It crashes after cancelling it three times

  • sbrhwkp3

    Make it work on Clash of Clans please. I would be so damn happy.

    • just a pirate

      Clash of clans is nearly unhackable. And even if you could manage to hack it, the developers will always know.

  • Kerri Kemp

    Is there a fix for why I can’t use localiapstore anymore on the Candy crush games, Farm Hero Saga, Papa Pear, or any King brand games? I was able to when I first jaibroke my ipad air but now they don’t work. I can still get it to work for Cooking Dash, and any of the Diner Dash games, Paint Monsters, and Cookie Jam but those aren’t King games. Please help fix this!!