Hello everyone!

Freedom for Android Lollipop (aka 1.0.7a) is ready. You can download it by visiting this link.

Please note that there are some bugs/features:

  • On second step on in-app purchase, you will be prompted for google play password, it will show you your real credit card details. But don’t worry, if you saw famous FakeCard on first step, no real transaction will occur. We will fix it in future.
  • We only tested android 2.3+ and market 3.10.9+, we are unsure that it will work on older dead software.

This version can not be retrieved via automatic update in freedom, because it is in alpha. Once testing will be finished, this software will be available via update check in freedom.

PS: Check new “loading” banners!



Hello everyone!

I suppose that you are excited about new arrival of SGS6/Edge. Really cool phones that comes with lollipop. How about Freedom, your favorite in-app purchasing emulator for Android devices?

Madkite and me are proud to announce that Freedom is coming to lollipop in couple weeks.

Please also note that freedom for lollipop will be available as public beta, so you may expect bugs.