Hello everyone!

Freedom for Android Lollipop (aka 1.0.7a) is ready. You can download it by visiting this link.

Please note that there are some bugs/features:

  • On second step on in-app purchase, you will be prompted for google play password, it will show you your real credit card details. But don’t worry, if you saw famous FakeCard on first step, no real transaction will occur. We will fix it in future.
  • We only tested android 2.3+ and market 3.10.9+, we are unsure that it will work on older dead software.

This version can not be retrieved via automatic update in freedom, because it is in alpha. Once testing will be finished, this software will be available via update check in freedom.

PS: Check new “loading” banners!



  • ibrhmgzr

    Very gooddd

  • Miguel Angel Mendoza

    It cuts me off when running

    • husain

      Brilliant and superb work gr8

  • Marvin123

    When I download and try to open the apk, it says file could not be opened.

    • BBlevins

      Same here .. Says it’s not available for my device (Note 4 Touchwiz Lollipop 5.0.1, stock & rooted).

      • Chad Hacks

        Having the same problem on my note 3 running lollipop 5.0

      • Try the last beta version, please.

  • Miguel Angel Mendoza

    me too

  • Sriram Manickam

    Man You are the Lifesaver…. Works 1000% . Hatsoff to u friends…

  • arun kumar

    finally the long wait is over…….Lollipop here i come….

  • georob

    Awesome first step guys, works like a charm. Thanks!

  • Mojor Izin

    Is there any reason to upgrade from 1.0.6 if I’m still on Jelly Bean?

    • New version has better support of Google Play 5.x.x (there is no FC after purchase, “disable updates” feature works, etc.).

  • Barney Stinson

    Works great, seems more like a RC than an alpha 😀 Also, I never got that second step you mention, probably because I had earlier selected to not prompt for password in every IAP. 😀

    • Also… if you haven’t registered credit card of have expired credit card – it will not ask for password too.

  • Mark Heriford

    Still doesn’t work on the new update to Injustice anymore, used to.

    • Mark Heriford

      Nevermind, replaced Playstore with 5.1.1 and works great.

      • Maybe this game uses an old version of a billing. Google drops the support of IAB v.2 in the Play Store starting from 5.3.5.

        • Mark Heriford

          I was using it with the Game Injustice: Gods Among Us, I revereted back to 5.1.1 and it works fine anything above that (Google Play Store) it says Can’t connect to playstore or crashes.

  • Florent Poittevin

    Thank you for your time 🙂

  • Adinda

    We loves you ZonD80 :-*

  • Bo

    Can u make freedom have plugins like iap free or iapcrazy?U know for hack more game
    P/S Sorry for my bad english

    • not possible at this time but freedom does NOT work on any online games

  • Chad Hacks

    Im on the tmobile note 3 running 5.0 lollipop and freedom says, freedom isn’t available for your device, plz fix and im am rooted, i even tried to change the location to moscow,still not working

    • Try the last beta version, please.

      • saiexe

        Where’s the BETA? Thanks 🙂

        • The link in the head follows to the 1.0.7b version now.

          • saiexe

            Thank you madkite and welcome back. ^_^

      • BBlevins

        The beta works great on TouchWiz lollipop on Note 4!! Thanks!!!

  • Dang Deity

    thanks a lot ZonD80 ^^

  • midoo

    Note3 lollipop 5.0

  • lolote

    Feedback: working android 5.1 nexus 5
    Not show my real card
    No FC
    Excelente job !

  • Amr Abu Zant

    it doesn’t work with HTC One M7 Sense 6 “5.0.1”

    • Barney Stinson

      Which ROM are you using? Custom? Stock? It works perfectly on my HTC One M7 5.0.2 with ViperOne 8.0.0.

  • Barney Stinson

    Suddently latest Freedom version doesn’t work any more :/

    I get a “check connection and try again” error every time. Used to work for about a week now. Did google do something to break it?

    • Barney Stinson

      Hmm cancel that, my bad. Seems that when I installed Star Walk 2 (cracked version) freedom stopped working with any application. No idea why.

      I uninstalled them both, then I installed Freedom, tested it, it worked.
      I then installed Star Walk 2 and again, it worked (with Freedom too). Weird 😀

  • Cute Cat

    I love you.

  • Anonyous

    For every one who get “Freedom isn’t available for your device” you need to get the last beta (link on top of the page). The page says 1.0.7A but the link is 1.0.7B.

  • It’s work in Android 5.1 (Nexus 5/Hammerhead)

  • Constantine Reeves

    LG p713, CM11, android 4.4.4. Freedom 1.0.7b just won’t launch, displaying a black screen, no superuser request. v1.0.6 works fine

    • Do you use ART? Try 1.0.7d, please.

      • Constantine Reeves

        Yeah, I’m on ART. Version 1.0.7d seems to be working, thank you!

  • great man. works on new Play store

  • Izum

    Dont work with S5 purchase failed in Subway surf =( with Google play french

  • anonymous

    Anyone succeeded using this app on Vsco Cam?

  • Sugandh Mishra

    Hi, i tried v1.07a then v1.07b then v1.07c but still not working on my rooted SGS4 I9500. Whenever i try to iap using freedom the app crashes or error msg didplay that your device is allowed for billing. Please update. Thnx

  • Joko

    Hi I have an iPhone 4s with an iOS 8.2 and I’ve tried this process over and over again but it dosent work.ive also watched videos on how to do it but the like or hate thingie NEVER shows up PLEASE tell me what I’m doing wrong

  • Anonyous

    If you have any errors with paying install lucky patcher, go to toolbox and then install modded google play. You need te install 5.1 or 4.9 because google changed the billing services in 5.3

    • Andrew Kender

      Works fine on 5.3.6 for me.

  • David Gimenez

    where I can see the list of compatible games

  • Carel Sánchez

    I WANT FREEDOM FOR GAMELOFT GAMES!!! (specialy to Dragon Mania Legends pls!!!)

  • Nema Imena

    Hi, when i use freedom to remove ads from few apps like reddit news, everything is ok, but when i restart my phone, those apps displaying ads again, do i doing something wrong?

    • Freedom should be run all the time in order to preserve purchases.

  • HomeX

    Works fine with Nexus7 (2012) & CM12. Any way to trick Zen Pinball? Latest versions need to login to GPlay and Freedom failed 🙁

  • crossnite

    Hi sir.
    I’m using Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with lollipop 5.0.1
    After install Freedom and open an app from it, the app and Play store will crash, even after i uninstalled Freedom, i still have to reinstall the app and Play store.

    Any idea about this issue? Thank you 🙂

    • Carlos Sousa

      Same here even some games won’t start, it crashes all the time

    • Enio Revotko

      Same here with note 4 5.0.1, i had to reinstall the play store and clear its data, i also had to reinstall every app I launched via freedom, they kept force closing, keep up the good work, waiting for a fix. 🙂

      • Can you send me a logcat?

        • Enio Revotko

          Sorry I am too late, just saw your comment :/. Anyway it’s now perfectly working with Note 4 lollipop 5.0.1 with the latest 1.0.7F version, thanks a lot! 🙂

    • Rajath Muthyala

      Lucky for u!
      It took me a month to figure what happened.
      Before uninstalling freedom , u must STOP the app and then go ahead or else your play store will say no connection.
      Hope I could be of help!

    • Shuaib Hayat

      Try and delete Data and updates not the actual google play and dont update google play

  • Nema Imena

    Bug report: my google plus and google keep failed to sync, i removed google account and i didnt abble to add it again because google play services crashing..after i remove freedom app, everything went normal..

  • ProHackerz09

    Thanks for the update but can you make the purchased features permanent? If I stop Freedom & relaunch the app, the purchased stuff is gone. I’m using it on Android 4.4 btw

  • Suman Birkata

    it makes my HTC one m8 restart when ever I try To open an app????

  • clark

    Freecore seems to be enabled by default and will not disable.

  • 1.07d still not working on my S4 running Lollipop (Echoerom Touchwiz).
    Latest patched Play Store 5.4.11.
    Tried also with older patched Play Store but nothing.
    Every app I open through Freedom FC immediately.
    Please add VSCO cam to the working apps.

    • Can you try the last version and send me a logcat?

      • Hi madkite.
        Logcat done.
        Where do you want me to send it?
        Thank you!

        • Send it to madkite at yandex.com (you can use Freedom menu -> Feedback).

  • Afikk

    anyone successfully use this on VSCO? i’ve tried many times but always failed..

    • Ahmad Ridho

      same as here..VSCO said unable to verify purchase..any suggestion??

      • Xxx Xxx

        AFAIK it’s pretty much impossible to hack VSCO, it’s better to downloaded an already modded full version apk

        • Eliya Syaza

          do you know where to download the full modded one?

    • Andrew Kender

      I made a request for it on Mobilism.me. Hopefully someone can crack it.

  • Barney Stinson

    Guys, I’ve noticed that some applications (like Viber) disable their IAP when detecting Freedom is installed. Is there any way to work around this? 🙁

  • mandarranade

    Can’t buy in candy crush. It works for the first time. Later I can’t buy gold bars once I start playing. I have not connected to fb

    • mandarranade

      help @roman_kosenko:disqus

  • Andrew Kender

    I always get server connection errors, with every app I try. WTF?

  • Mark Heriford

    I can’t remember the apps name but there was one that if rooted, you could block apps from having permission to certain things. Like if a game has permission to see what apps are running you could remove that permission. Would that maybe work in instances like Viber thats detecting Freedom?

  • Sriram Manickam

    Bro still playstore closed… 1.7 e update also not working in my note 4 lp 5.0.1

  • 1.0.7e. Freecore not working with team UB’s cm-12.1-20150413-bacon: I/O error occurs!

  • Jason Lee

    1.0.7e still crash my Google Play & lots of apps that have in-app purchase on my HTC M9 (5.0.1).
    Glad I had a TWRP backup….

  • Sriram Manickam

    i Tested with 1.0.7f … Now apps wont crash and Playstore also… Problem with Google Game sync. And main issue is…When we try to buy in-app purchase no window appear…even freecard window also not opening.

  • Sriram Manickam

    now works fine…. i do a little trick.. First uninstall play store update and install freedom. then install playstore update

  • Meet Tilavat

    Please Make It Work With VSCO And Clash Of Clans And Teen Patti

    • ProHackerz09

      It won’t work on server sided game like COC.

  • Andrew Kender

    Kemco games keep giving me a server connection error. I can’t figure out why.

    • Andrew Kender

      @roman_kosenko:disqus Any way to fix this?

  • Rawmess

    Play store 5.4 installed on my android 5.1 and its not functioning correctly. When i try to purchase effects on aviary via freedom , google play crashes and doesnot even show the price . i hope when it is released from alpha , lollipop latest version would be supported and work on google play updated too .

  • Kelly Dolan

    do i have to uninstall old then reinstall? sorry im a real noob

  • Kelly Dolan

    Sucess, but that second step, it was a doozy. 😀

  • Andrew Kender

    1.0.7i is finally working with Kemco games. Or it could be that I wiped my tablet and did a fresh stock ROM install. Dunno.

  • Max Veight

    why does it not work for Marvel Contest of Champions???

  • erikdrakon

    using the new 1.0.7j and it keeps force closing on t-mobile note 4, 5.0.1 any ideas?

  • hsapiens3

    I am having problems with version 1.0.7j
    Have a Note 4 with lollipop
    I start freedom app, it shows me the list of apps , then crashes. I try to launch it again but it always crashes.
    The problem is that it seems freedom engine is still running somehow in the background and I cannot access the app to stop it
    As a result I cannot get into the Play store. I am stuck
    Any help would be appreciated

    • erikdrakon

      I hope someone comes up with a solution, i had to reflash the system to get the play store working again as i couldn’t stop the process anywhere.

      • hsapiens3

        Wow, I hope I don’t have to do that
        What phone and android version did you have when you had the problem?

        • erikdrakon

          tmobile note 4-5.0.1 . im just going to avoid freedom for now as much as it pains me as i love the app until i know its safe

          • hsapiens3

            I have the same
            Wonder if the problem is the phone
            I love the app too
            Too bad
            Thanks for the input

        • Sree

          Using a root explorer, for example, root browser, edit to /etc/hosts and remove all lines except first… The first line should contain localhost..

      • Sree

        Using a root explorer, for example, root browser, edit to /etc/hosts and remove all lines except first.. The first line should contain localhost…

    • Aaron Miller

      I have the same problem anyone figure anything out???

    • Sree

      Using a root explorer, for example, root browser, edit to /etc/hosts and remove all lines except first… The first line should contain localhost…

  • Jwtiyar Nariman

    not working its force closing play store . i have m9

  • nirmal

    its giving me error saying no space left on ur sytem when am trying to hack an app

  • Demetrius Sinkler

    hopefully most of the stuff will get fixed, as in when the app is active i cant sign in to any games via google play games for the achievements, and nor youtube, but once i disable the app everything is working perfectly..
    there is some apps that wont let me access the store but its fine, i activate the freedom pop do my thing and disable it after im finish (start/stop) 😛

  • erikdrakon

    Anyone been able to get this working on Lollipop 5.0.1 for the Note4?

    • Sriram Manickam

      Works fine… I am Using in Note 4. Only issue is its blocking google game-play login

      • erikdrakon

        every time i try and open it i get the same message Unfortunately, freedom has stopped, still can’t get it to work

        • AbdulAliyy

          Have you been able to get it to work?

          • erikdrakon

            no i have tried multiple times using 1.07j i have just given up until another version comes out then ill try again since there have’t been any responses by the dev

  • max

    Working perfectly on HTC One 5.0.2 but only the issue is its blocking google game-play login that’s it. Other than that working as it should. I do know it is in alpha and bugs are common but just notifying the bug.. Thank you for the great tool..

  • surya

    Hii frnds… Am using lollipop cm 12.1… I use freedom apk and market unlocker. Bt it’s not working and I change the country also BT it’s not working…. Tell me frnds how its works

  • AbdulAliyy

    Still no fix for lollipop 5.0.1 on the Note 4? I’ve tried all the versions, they all cause the freedom app to force close..

  • Andrew Kender

    Now that this finally works on Lollipop… Android M comes out and it’s broken again. FUCK.

  • HurrDurrHumlesnurr

    Doesn’t work on my LG G4 running android 5.1 :/

  • Jacopo

    crash google play with lollipop 5.0.2 on galaxy s6edge

  • Utkarsh Bachchan

    Hey guys, I’m using cm 12.1 lollipop version 5.1.1 on my note 2. I installed each and every version of freedom app from more than four links but every time I opened the app I get google ads saying install any free apps to begin installation process… Help !

  • Utkarsh Bachchan

    Hell everyone
    I’m running CM12.1 on note 2 lollipop version 5.1.1 . whenever I try to install freedom apk file it fails . even if it installs it only show Google ads saying install any free app to continue. Please help

  • Dale Low

    If your play store say no connection, download a root file explorer, then go to the folder called etc and delete the ‘hosts’ file. Then go back to play store hit retry and it should work (:

  • Its make google play forced stopped when freedom turned on. Freedom v1.0.7j running on Lenovo A7000 Lollipop 5.0. Fix that please, I need this app 🙂 thanks before

  • Elmo Dahlman

    IF you have a broblem, try to delete appdata in settings and force stop it. Then launch and it works fine. I have updated from android 4.4.4 to 5.1.1 and didnt need reinstall anything with that method.

  • Adham Halabi

    PLEASE HELP i tried to use the new alpha version for freedom on my sony xperia z2 5.0.2 lollipop rooted all root apps works fine except freedom when i try to start it it says: write permissions on system partition are required to use freedom any fix for it??

  • Mouke

    Works fine on Note 2 Cyanogenmod 12.1 Lollipop.

  • Bender Rodriguez™

    Hmm…for those that having problem with Playstore not working after installing freedom this is the best step to fixed it….

    1. Stop freedom from running in backgrounds
    2. uninstalled freedom
    3. using root explorer navigate to system/priv-app and delete Phonesky.odex
    4. reboot your devices and Playstore should be working again….no need to clear host file or anything else….

  • Joris Enzerink

    I still can’t open freedom because it doesn’t work in my country, even with the latest alpha (1.0.7j). Am I doing something wrong?

  • Claudiu

    On HTC One m8 lollipop, it reboots my phone after opening freedom. Any fix?

  • Jesse Chan

    need a version that package name is not “cc.madkite.freedom”,too many games detect it.

  • David Hickox

    No matter what I do I get “google play store hads crashed” I’m on a s6 rooted with ping pong root

  • Håvard Røneid

    S6 edge lollipop 5.0.2 not working. Google play keeps crashing when trying to do a purchase. Anyone got any ideas?

  • pudhmasta

    People that are having a problem with play store connection, download an app called “ad away” and click “download hosts and enable ad blocking”. Freedom plays with the hosts files and you need to just fix them to get your play store working again

  • Shuaib Hayat

    Hey people like usual google play updated a patch for google play, A error will pop up like “Purchased failed” i found out how to fix it on android 5.0.2, Uninstall Google Play Updates and then launch Freedom 1.0.7.
    Hope this helps people.

  • Bil Lal

    hello there i’m using a samsung galaxy S5 5.0
    when i start marvel contest of champîons using freedom ican’t access to the game
    it says no connection avaible but i’ve got an internet connection that works well

  • Yan Amranni

    Works perfect on Z3 compact android 5.0.2.
    No probleme with playstore what so ever…
    Big thanks!

  • Timoti Anthony Lienardy

    please help, i install freedom apk in my note 3 but, it says not available for my device

  • Sebastian Jorg

    what if i downloaded freedom uninstalled it wrong and then reseted mycket Phone so i bred to make a Google account but ofc i cant cuz freedom blocks it Any tving i can do

  • Aqsa

    My phone always restart when opening the app. Please fix. I’m using Samsung Galaxy note 4 lollipop 5.0.1 rooted official rom. Thanks…

  • Marko Medic

    Hello. I installed 1.0.7j and i have a rootet S6 Egde with Android 5.1.1
    Play store ( 5.8.8) stopped if i use Freedom.
    I uninstalled playstore updates and try it again – no connection error.
    Can someone help me to fix the problem?

  • Sriram Manickam

    Where is ZonD80….Guys please update to latest. we need u guys

  • c0okHy

    Always “error check your connection and try again” when i try buy something in game. I’m using zenfone 2.

  • Alon

    Not working on 5.1 Lg G4.. Maybe update the App so it will work? No its crash google play…

  • ProHackerz09

    Works on Zenfone 6 Lollipop

  • Umi Sinha

    I am a novice at this so this is probably stupid question, but… I have downloaded Freedom and pulled it into my Applications folder as instructed. Also added to it to the dock, but when I click on either nothing happens. When I tried to put in in trash because it doesn’t seem to be working it says it can;t do that because Freedom is opne. But it’s not doing anything. I can still go on the internet. I assumed – probably should have checked how it worked – that I could switch it on when I wanted and set a time for it to block the inetrenet, but as I say, nothing is happening. Advice please?

  • HomeX

    v1.0.7j – not working on Android 6 / Nexus 7 (2013) – “Freedom isn’t available for your device” 🙁
    Works perfect on Android 5.1.1.

  • Sunny

    Playstore crashes whenever I’m about to buy something on lollipop 5.0 so It doesnt work anymore

  • megadown2016

    When you will release updated freedom for Android 5.1 ??

  • Remo Almeida

    oficial versions wont install with parse package error. I had to install 1.0.7j dev version from onhax but it wont work and playstore stops working. anyone got this working on huawei 5.1.1 phones?

  • HomeX

    Anyone know a workaround for Android 6.0 ? (1.0.7j not working)

  • Afikk

    Not working on my rooted Nexus 5 android marshmallow says that it isn’t available for my device

  • Schabowy

    It does not work on MIUI7 (Android 5.0.2) Play Store crash.

  • Nor Azam

    Seeking for help
    Zenfone 5 after flashing resurrection remix lollipop
    Note 2 flash after crdroid lollipop
    doesnt recognise device
    Before flashing custom rom it works fine
    Any idea how it would be working back

  • Japjeet Singh

    I tried this version on contest of champions..
    Intially i opened the game through freedom and made a purchase and it showed it as succesful but just seconds later it shows the message no internet connection even when the net is working fine..
    Help pls…

  • Eliya Syaza

    Unfortunately, freedom has stopped. HELP?

  • eserogta

    Work well on CM12.1 huashan tanks mate, but when the payment has per month or year the freedoo free credit card don’t work. Why?? But if just one payment like packs of coins or remove ads work well ever. :/ can someone help me?

  • Bo

    Google play has updated to 6.x and Freedom not work any more

  • William Duncan McAvoy

    Latest Play Store (6.0) apparently breaks Freedom functionality, causing both Play Store and the respective app to force close upon trying to make a purchase.

    The only workaround is to uninstall Play Store updates and force stop Play Store from settings, and manage to start freedom, start the app, and make the purchase before Play Store auto-updates itself.

  • UNQE

    Android 5.0.2 with miui7. Google play stopped error from playstore version 6.0.0

  • UNQE

    Playstore apps has ben stopped :/

  • Gaspar Oliveira

    Any news on how to make it work no Google Play 6.0.x?

  • HomeX

    v1.0.8a (not working on M now) updated!

    • Barney Stinson

      And I can confirm it works, at least on Lollipop 😀

  • Sanketh Nayaka

    Does it fix the play store crash error?

    I can confirm that now it is working with Lollipop 5.1.1, CM 12.1 and Play Store v6.0.5. That is all the latest versions.

  • samir babou

    Don’t work in my lg g4 818p dual sim android 5.1 rooted with Xposed installed

  • HomeX

    v1.0.8b finally working @ Android M! Thanks!

    • Kamil Mirza

      can you share v1. 0.8b?
      Download link is not working

      • HomeX

        r e v c l o u d s.com/2jo3gh5s91z6

        • Rob Bachmann

          I have 1.0.8b on my Droid running CM 11. All I see is this when I open an app to buy when I am running Freedom: http://imgur.com/a/qGa2W

          Do you still see Freecard as a payment option? I don’t, in any app.

          • HomeX

            Yes. I still see the Freecard payment option. I use stock v6.0.1 rooted @ Nexus 7 (2013)

  • Yonick Yue

    v1.0.8b Can’t work in Android 5.1 MIUI 7 (XiaoMi Mi Note Pro). Please fix it ! Thank you!!! 🙂

  • Mithilesh Bhalekar

    I have Galaxy S3 with cm13 custom ROM with android version 6.0.1 Marshmellow… I start dis app and it shows Freedom isnt for your device! any solutions ??