Unfortunately, apple patched el capitan, we will continue to try to find workaround.

  • Karen Schmidt

    This is a sad news, in ZonD we believe!

    • ios

      suida arbua

  • ZHZ

    Hello, I come from China, I am a music worker, have been using your plug-in, the latest update of the IOS9, the original has been using “avid scorch.app PS.for ipad” can not be free to buy, please pay attention, very grateful!

  • coolsurrender

    how about iOS 9?

    • Tim Farris

      works but only on some apps not all

  • james

    I am currently on el captain and in app purchase works gr8 on it. why you say its not supported?

  • Tim Farris

    is this ever gonna make it off the ground?

  • Dymbo


    Thank you for your work – it really helped me many times to decide if I need an app and / or its piad extensions! (at least, but not last! ,) )
    Unfortunately, a month+/- ago I’ve been made to return my iphone 6 with ios 8 installed, and thus to buy new one – the 6s this time, so only ios 9 was an option. Luckily, it wasn’t too late for 9.0.1 update & JB but I sadly found the in-app tweak works no more :/
    Is there any chance that you gonna be beating this beast and eventually updating the tweak with ios 9 support?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Dr10

    How modify receipt value from 400 to 299 ?? Some New Apps need value from 200 to 299 !! thanx in advance