Usage of this manual means that you agreed with the Terms Of Service

Note, your device must have all google apps/services installed, including Google Play (market) app and Google Talk.

First of all, root (and S-OFF for HTC) your device and watch the video:

Enabling Freedom on your device takes 3 steps:
  • Download
  • Install & launch
  • Tap on app in which you want to receive in-app purchase for free.

1. Download

Download Freedom APK  via this link.

2. Install Freedom on your device and launch it.

Make sure that you have “Unknown sources” enabled in your security settings:
Install downloaded APK and launch it (first launch takes a while, please be patient), allow superuser permissions request:

3. Launch application through Freedom

Tap on application in which you want to use free in-app purchase, wait a little. Application should start automatically:
Next, make your in-app purchase (appearing of FreeCard means that Freedom is running successfully):
From time to time you can receive OTA updates for Freedom, just tap on “Update Available” dialog and update should start automatically. Here is screenshot of running Freedom and update available for download:
You should use Freedom every time you want to use free in-app purchase, e.g. Freedom is a launcher for your apps.

And this program does not work with online applications and will never work with online applications.

If you want to remove Freedom, first launch it, go to MENU, then tap on STOP. Next you can remove Freedom successfully. IF YOU DID NOT DO IT – YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO USE GOOGLE PLAY WITHOUT FREEDOM!

Help us!

Help the project by bitcoin 1G3ja184TQfGKH1Dz8T75epCKA1pjmzRV2. Thanks.
  • Tijmen Huijting

    Why in hell is this tutotial in English if the app can only be used in Russia?

    • عبدالله

      i think you have a very old version try to download version 1.0.6

    • Kendrick Gauthier

      Plus, I think it was developed in Russia (Where they promote hacking (Not really))

    • flarn2006

      It doesn’t do that anymore; I guess the developer realized it was dumb, so now it just gives you a warning that it might be illegal in your country.

  • ☆Kawiesh:)

    GREAT!! I use freedom on 2 android devices and it works very well. I used it in Kii Keyboard, Temple Run, Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Photo Editor 😉
    Just wanted to know if the dev.s of freedom have any other hack apps for android 😉 i’d really like to discover it !

    • Ca Ca

      Cant get it to work on my htc m8 with s-off. What i have miss here?

      • Eenee

        Is the app you’re trying to hack available in your country?

  • Faiz

    What is freecore?if i enable freecore what happen to my device?

    • JoshaGibs

      It’s the equivalent to Lucky Patcher’s patching to Android or the “core.jar” of your device. In which you patch the devices core to give a desired effect. Basically what it does in Freedom is it makes all apps started in the device which feature “in app purchases” to be processed through Freedom without the need of launching them in the Freedom app first. Basically you won’t need to go in to the Freedom app to launch apps to gain the free purchases option. However if Lucky Patcher is currently hijacking the purchases instead of freedom. Disable the In app purchases in Lucky Patcher.

  • bob

    Change your time to Moscow time

  • freegraphy

    Can I watch your whitelist(spreadsheet) that freedom is working or not about 1620 apps.

    I can’t find it anymore 🙁

  • drev

    Hi, i’m a student and i need your code for this app for my homework. can you give me please? my email is [email protected], thanks before.

    • Joshua Glogiewicz

      It not gonna be that easy…

    • Aditya Parab

      Lol that was smooth haha

    • R3D_Scorpion

      Thank you for giving me the email adress :3 Now I have one new mail adress in my 50k mail collection

      • wwaallaa

        If you are looking for a email address, this is not a place for you.

        • LisYaj

          i believe he is simply playing around…

  • rus

    it’s not working in asphalt 8 🙁

    • Kendrick Gauthier

      Asphalt 8 isn’t supported. Major game developers like Glu and Gameloft have hack detection therefore if they can’t secure a line to Google they won’t work

  • Marcus Oliveira

    Hi!! Could you provide that list with compatibility of games again?

  • Ashok Soni

    Doesn’t work anymore, everytime I start it, all google apps stopped working, it adds a line in my host file and stopping freedom makes all google apps work fine. Can you suggest anything?

    • Kendrick Gauthier

      It’s supposed to. It redirects transactions to fool Google into thinking that you have a “FreeCard” that has infinite money

      • Ashok Soni

        Well it was working perfectly earlier. I had no such problem in past. Btw new play services is the main cause of that. If I use old google services it’s fine.

        • Kendrick Gauthier

          Well then, out with the new and in with the old

          • Ashok Soni

            I tried that too but google servers forced its update so have to use the new one. 🙁

            Btw do u have any connection with madkite or u a normal user here coz I reported this issue to madkite too but no reply yet.

          • Kendrick Gauthier

            Freedom has an option to disable play store updates. I wish I were but alas, I am a normal user going off common knowledge

          • Ashok Soni

            Oh.. No worries. I am a normal user too. 🙂

            Btw about ur suggestion, freedom only stops google play auto update not play services. I would love to see this function too. Hopefully madkite has something in his bag for this.

          • ErlanggaHendriansyah

            i’m interested with your thought guys, well, i found out what might be able to cause the playstore to force update itself, i’m playing with my rom toolbox yesterday, in the app manager section under tools, i’m exploring what components of playstore that might be causing to force update, even when we tick “disable playstore update” option in freedom

            there are two suspicious component “” and “ (i believe this one is about auto update app when you connected to a wifi network)”, then i managed to disable those two components. the freedom.apk works fine (with playstore 5.1.11 and disabled components). you might want to try to disable them, im on a week streak without playstore to force update itself

  • bandora

    Just out of curiosity why can’t freedom work online apps and will never work? Is it something that the developers did that on purpose or is there a technical reason that it’s not possible.. I would like to learn more about this please.

    • R3D_Scorpion


      Online apps has server-side verification of in-app purchases. There is NO WAY to get it fooled. You belong to dumbasses from now.

      • bandora

        You don’t have to be an asshole about it.. I wasn’t complaining or anything.. I was simply curious as to why it doesn’t work..

        • Kane

          He’s probably a 12 year old, his actions were normal for brats his age. IF he’s older… Then he has a condition.

      • sasa

        But you can for example in Simpsons Tapped Out still hack the donuts with GameKiller, when you modify the memory. You can modify donuts and lock the amount of them, so it will be always for example 99999999. I’m not sure about other android online games, but for Simpsons it works perfecly fine. But it crashes after some time… however, your buildings and everything you’ve purchased with donuts will be saved. Even tho its server-sided, it can be hacked like that 🙂

        • R3D_Scorpion

          Yet another facepalm

          He said ONLINE apps, not apps that does not rely on servers like Simpsons Tapped Out for example, this generation is getting dumber and dumberer and reads less and lesser -_-

  • BenAli Boualem BenAli

    dont work for me with badoo app

  • dontstarveplz

    not supported with Android L. Update please (:

    • :)


    • abubakr


    • Troll


    • David Rocha


    • Harrison Warahi
    • Elpatii

      Yes, update please 🙂

      • andre


      • keyon

        Is Aaron a and are ass aARon ass eases lebein

    • enmanuel


    • Como Molo

      please update to lollipop

    • Dumitru Popliuc


    • Raziel Almanza
    • diocan

      Update please! Android L

    • ben




    • Volkan Bayır




    • bandora

      Someone updated freedom to 1.0.7 which now works on lollipop (works on mine and I have 5.1)

      Here:s the link:

      • Xargon

        Is it safe?

        • bandora

          Yes I have it installed on my phone… I don’t see any problems with it..

    • Guest

      Yes!!!! I found it!! The hacked version for android lolipop!!!!!!!!!!! : 8724181-4e13b4426cec192fbe5d2f1daa758070.apk

    • Nikolas Spiridakis

      Yes!!!! I found it!! The hacked version for android lolipop!!!!!!!!!!! :

      • Gaurav Patil

        Hey Nikolas… yea you found it.. but play store is not working…


          Then go to the host file and add # next to da ip

          • Gaurav Patil

            Not working

          • Amani Mirza

            Is criminal case or candy crush compatible with freedom

          • OURWORLDERS

            Its like dis #198.0.1 android.clients

    • Sad Hero


    • Paarth Desai


  • :)

    We should start a campaign to raise bitcoins to make this open source. I feel like a lot more games could be supported if this was a community project, but I do want to give a big thank you to the original dev.

    • LisYaj

      actually, nearly all games are supported. just certain games like glu have an anti-hack detection that makes it harder to do it.

      • :)

        Actually, I can name quite a few games that aren’t supported, Angry Birds for one.

        • Angry Birds have been supported for ages, both Seasons and standard are working, even Bad Piggies. Haven’t tested on the other ones but I know it doesn’t work on Retry.

  • Joshua Tuazon

    Can’t install “Freedom”. It says App Not Installed. Somebody Help me please.

  • Damian

    not supported android 4.4.4 ?

    • TheRealChx kay

      Yes it is. You need to install SuperUser first and make sure your root access works.

    • rolo143

      I’m using Android 4.4.4 and Freedom is working fine, no problem.


        I’m having a problem my freedom worked so good, I haven’t change anything on my ROM but is not working now. Suddenly just crash the app (i try to hack) and play store.

        There’s always 2 messages of crash apps.

        Could you help me?


        • rolo143

          I think Freedom isn’t working anymore, at least with the latest version of the Play Store, I began having problems, it just crashed whenever I tried to buy something

          • schlice

            +1 on Play Store crashing when trying to make purchases. Looks like something may have changed in the Play Store. It’s pretty consistent now, the FreeCard appears, and you attempt to process the purchase and the Play Store crashes.

  • lucca kareem

    I downloaded it just for asphalt 8 but it didn’t work maybe because gameloft updated it, but it was great with other apps. Wish the devs could update it to work again with asphalt.

    • RaBBiTz

      That I believe is an online app which freedom does not support. It supports only offline ones like real racing 3

  • Pablo Suarez

    Would it ever be possible to make Freedom work with Bejeweled Blitz? I’d be so happy!

  • Gfrigop

    Where may i found a compatible game list???

    • Veselin Bogdanov

      if you can , then everything is ok if you cant then nothing happens
      i use it on games like subway surfers and apps like 9gag to became pro 😀
      if app can be hacked with this you buy everyshit form in app purchases -> example i cant use it on hill climb racing , but other apps not very popular are working

  • lokesh

    I dont know how to root my Samsung galaxy s duos 2 . Can anyone tell me ???

    • Kevin

      Use the app framaroot and you have successfully rootet 😛 but before its rootet: download and install framaroot, tab on the account gandalf in framaroot, restart your device. Root ready

    • prateek chouhan

      Key root download from 4share app… Then your problem will solve

  • Tiger62651

    Where did compatibility list go?

  • cacao

    Help the project by bitcoin. The project is open source?

  • Kshitij Mohit Gupta

    No support for android L? I just get a message saying “your device is not supported”… Why? It works on 4.2.2-4.4.4 on my nexus 7 2012! P.s. I’m using the unofficial port of android L but it doesn’t even work on nexus 5 android L preview!

  • tavs1

    Theres no support for android L at the moment in developer preview. I have a nexus 4 that worked freedom till 4.4 kitkat but with android L it says “device not supported”

    • tavs1

      it probably works just fine but as it assumes the device its not supported, we cant try. cant we force it to work?

    • Troll

      i think there is problem with art, becouse art is default runtime now -.-

      • lol

        In 4.4(Kitkat) and using art mode, Freedom is WORKING!!!!

      • Mattias Magnusson

        Fredom is working with art, were running art in kitkat and that was fine, its most probably something else, im trying to debug whats wrong, and it’s something new with how time and region is being read from system most probably.

        • Arjon Bujupi


  • سندس

    I dont know how to root my Samsung galaxy s duos 2 . Can anyone tell me ???

  • giolly95

    does not work on plants vs zombies 2. When I buy says “Payment failed” but in the end tells me that you can not use the shop. you can fix it if possible?

    • thomas

      Planet vs zombies 2 works with game guardian. Google it and download it. Look on you tube for a how to use it. 🙂 I use all time.

  • Guillermo Guzman

    It says is not available in my country

  • where is the list of Apps and Games

  • update please.. 🙁

  • pier

    Any link for the compatibility list? Cant seem to find it.. the updated ine 2014 sept/oct

  • Adamous

    I didnt “Stop” the app before I removed it from my phone, and now I can’t use Google play anymore. 🙁 So I installed it again but I can’t open it cause I need to be logged in to an google acc. Please help!

  • Troll Tonic

    please make an update for android lollipop

  • Villy

    Hello Dear … i,ve been using freedom on my device but from past few days when every i want to buy in-app like i am playing injustice when ever i want to buy coins it says cannot connect to Google play store… can u please give me a solution

  • Mervan Kalkan

    i have xperia z android 4.4.4 versin freedom not work? why?

  • Luke_

    +rep . I use Freedom on 11 devices and it RULES! I give you +1 on G+
    PS Can i upload it on other site? I want to make a site “AndroHack”

  • ramin mor

    hi can u make it work with other markets ! with google in app biling lib !?

  • Mervan Kalkan

    android 4.4.4 kitkat and 5.0 lolipop this program not work. freedom must uptade

    • rolo143

      It works fine on Android 4.4.4

  • David Coronel

    Android Lollipop Please 🙂

  • Luka Kajzar

    Please update it…..only clash of clans please…cmon….make freedom work on clash of clans…please!!!!!!!!

  • viral316

    not working with new android l 5.0

  • tasara menakwon

    Plz plz plz make it work with AGG plz plz ,and what is bitcoin?

  • nicola

    Do not work on Nexus 5 with Lollipop

    • john

      It makes 2 of us !!! Any update ?

  • Kevin Gomz

    The list of apks compatibles?

  • Tronix

    Hi, I’ve got the error “freedom isn’t available for your device”, I’m sure it is because Lollipop, could you update it please?

    • Headshosol Sol

      same thing here ,, my device is note 3 sm n900 lollipop 5.0
      and this is happening with the version v1.0.7a

  • Cariño

    Update please! Android 5.0 not supported

  • Leonard Villegas

    Root is requred in order to use freedom

    How to Fix sir help me please

  • SevenYoung

    any update for android 5.0?

  • Sabi Singh

    I have samsung s4 and when i open frredom then it say ROOT IS REQUIRED FOR OPEN FREDOM . PLZ HELP ME

  • StonedMood

    How to download?It open at me “”

  • trouhzdan

    you must have a root on your mobile 😉

  • Android L ! Please

  • Oren Drobitsky

    I’m having problems with the file
    I have android 5.0 and it rooted
    When I’m opening it a message : freedom isn’t avaible for your device..

    • rory

      It won’t work for me

  • Sahaj Patel

    freedom.apk is full free?

  • Tulus Widadi

    Not compatible with Android 5 Lollipop

  • Riste Gorgiev

    Where to download root

  • Kellie Ayres

    Hi I was able to use freedom yesterday but today it says payment successful but the game says it can’t load them. I’m using the same games as yesterday. Please help

  • Firdaus Haris

    i cannot use Playstore when i didnt launch Freedom. btw great works you guys. im love it. it should be nice if CoC can be use too

  • sanz

    With a system running CM11 (Android 4.4.4), Freedom doesn’t seem to work.

    First of all, it can’t leave the hosts file alone. It adds a line to the hosts file, which we know. We also know that this often causes connection errors with Google. The standard fix is to either comment it out or to change the IP to a valid one.

    But here, every time the unit reboots, Freedom deletes the old line (if the IP was changed to a valid one), or adds another entry (if the old one was commented out).

    When trying to use Freedom, it modifies the hosts file again, but then you can’t get to the unlock pages. If you cut out in the middle of this and fix the hosts file, then pop back in uninterrupted (via Recent Apps), you can now see the unlock page, but the purchase doesn’t come up with Freecard.

  • Eric Tampir

    Transaction not going through what do I do

  • Edouard Plancher VipstarTkt

    Don’t run with zen pinball hd latest version! 🙁

  • Elettroяave

    Android Lollipop please! He won’t start!

  • Demetrius Sinkler

    hope this app gets updated to lollipop 😉

  • Julian Ramirez

    Don’t work with lollipop van you fine a fix ?

  • Nankashi


  • Jinesh Khara

    Please update for android l it says
    “Freedom isn’t available for your device” 🙁

  • Tom

    I have installed “modded google play market” with LuckyPatcher and now when I start Freedom it says “Please install Google Play Market”. But the market exists and works. How can I fix that?

  • chips

    “Root access required”? What does it mean?

  • sb

    not supported with Android L. Update please

  • Mango

    Update it to Android L please..

  • Jawad AD

    Please update it for Android 5.0, You’ve got the best tool ever!

  • aim

    Anyone? I try to hack gems on my coc.. then, till now it still say transaction pending.. i’m affraid it will disturbing my other apps or my real credit account..

  • Nikhil

    Please an update for android lollipop! The most coolest app! A big reason to root your device

  • aaaa


  • stelios

    not supported with Android L. Update please .don’t woelrk in the nexus 5

  • W. Hazzriel

    It says ” roof access is required in order use freedom

    • Chano

      Give it a ladder. 🙂

  • lollipop

    Doesn’t work on Nexus 5 with Lollipop!!

  • Steve

    Finally a Freedom modded apk file for Android 5.0 (Supporting Android L) from Xda-developers :

    Thanks a lot guys.

  • Curtis Abimbola

    Please Plesse Plesse make it available for Android lollipop 5.0 i need this APP i used it over and half oft an year please i beg you :”'(

  • Eugene

    Does not work with Plant vs. Zombies 2

    -tablet (Galaxy tab 10.1)

  • Mohd Imran Fadzil

    I uninstall it before i stop the application now i can’t open google play store….how i can solve that problem plz help me

  • Junius Dsilva

    Um….I have a question which I’m sure many like me have… Is it possible for developers to find out and legally prosecute you? Or for Google to bar u from play store?

  • Nexus4 5.0

    It doesn’t work on my Nexus 4 5.0 :(((… Update…pls 🙂

  • David

    PIXEL GUN 3D ON THE WAY $$$$$$$$$$1

  • New

    please Update freebom hack sticker line.

  • Eric

    Not support Android L

  • Belww

    it is illegal! We must complain to the relevant authorities!

  • aaa

    Please fix for android 5.0.1

  • Eng-Mahmoud Ala’a

    My android request to updat and i updat it but forget to stop freedom and the root removed and i cant re-root the phone and cant stop freedom or use play stor … any help 🙁 ?
    Srry for bad english.

  • Matias Aguiar

    Update for Android Lollipop, please.

  • batman38102

    Not supported with Android Lollipop

  • Flaco TiN

    Android L 5.0 please 🙁

  • Mr.Struggle

    So I rooted my kindle fire HD and now it has Android stuff when I go on the freedom app I tap on my game and when I go to buy crystals I don’t get the option of the free card idk why it’s doing that any idea’s.

  • Caleb Long

    Hey can anyone update this because Google play store keeps blocking freedom app is there any Android app that will allow me to get free official apps from Google play store for free and in app purchase and that’s updates daily

  • Xofah

    I used this for fun run 2 and when the confirm payment pops up it says payment complete. But when the app comes back up it says invalid purchase. Please help!

  • It doesn’t support new games specially clash of clans 🙁

  • Syed Naqvi

    Please Make It Supported For Android Lollipop 5.0.

  • tyuiop

    What is “root access” ???? Please help me ! It is noted root access when I open the application ! What does it mean ?

  • iANDROID8.1

    I desperately need an update to work with Android L please! Please! Please!

  • Cameron Willer

    Is there any way you would be able to spoof a mobile phone bill with this? Mobile phone billing seems to have a massive loophole that could be exploited and be used for server based games? Will server based games ever get an app store hack. Theyre generally the most money sucking after all

  • Julian Ramirez

    The only mode to hack in app purchase is with lucky patcher is a temporal solution

  • gvsa

    please update news version,,, :-*

  • Tharindu Madhushan

    Not working for lollipop plz update…. Thank you.!

  • gvsa

    need new update T,T

  • AloW

    hi everyone please dont laugh about such stupid question. are there any possibility that the appmakers provide their invoices(for cracking in app stores) through my provider with the monthly contrct-bill :/
    e.g. im going to buy usain bolt in temple run2. should i be afraid of getting invoice from temple run makers with my next contract invoice?
    like i already said im sorry for asking such dumb thing but i cant imagine how this app works

  • Julian Ramirez

    Update please !

  • Hunain Khatri

    Android L support?

  • Nikhil Nawandar

    All the people waiting for the update for freedom for in-app purchases………LUCKY PATCHER has been UPDATED to support IN-APP PURCHASES!

    • mizuki

      yes, but it doesn’t work for an older version of viber, unlike with Freedom.

      • moasd


    • mizuki

      doesn’t work for some apps that works on Freedom though. :((

  • Arun Chaudhary donated all what i had in my btc wallet thanks for creating such great app looking for more compatible apps in future

    find me on XDA: arun483

  • is this still working ???

    • mizuki

      for Android 5.0, not yet.

  • مسار اجباري


  • Bilal El Mansouri

    Isn’t available in my device
    Galaxy s5 . Android 5.0
    Please Help !

  • Driessen Christ

    Please support Android L , i wait for that . I have make a update with my i9505 and now i cant downgrade :S LuckyPatcher is possible but i like your App many more

  • Driessen Christ

    sorry, but i have forgotten to Say …. a happy new Year to you and your Team. Thanks for Support and that you spend your Time to help us in future. Thanks for your Stuff

  • baboot

    I dont now how to downloadt

  • CrumbBum

    The download link goes to a redirecting site(but does not redirect). Is there a download mirror link?

  • matt

    Is this still available? Won’t let me download on lollipop

  • Al Khatab

    Dear Admin

    your redirection link for download does not work, it shows the following msg but nothing to download,

    A FREE redirecting service

    …that hides what exactly you redirect to.
    Get started with API”

  • Henning Gu

    Please add support with Android Lollipop.

  • samuel

    Help me! I don’t know how to download the app from the server, needs to join to these page where gave you a “safe link” but I don’t know how LOL

  • IBN Yasser

    Please Update Because Freedom Isn’t Work With Kitkat 4.4.4 & Lollipop 5.0

  • haikal

    if i had uninstall fredoom without stop it first..then i would not able to open my play store…how to fix my play store turn to normal..plzz

  • vonnitto

    Not working with Android – 5.0 Lollipop
    I have Samsung galaxy S5 rooted (G900FXXU1BNL9)

  • Fariz Azizov

    When you want to update? about 1 year no update.Android 5.0 released about 4,5 month ago but you didn’t update app.Users want update.update this.It doesn’t work on Android 5.0!

  • hdjf

    If you get google playstore banned due you used freedom and forgot to stop before accessing google play store, get root browser look for folder named ETC then a filed called hosts, you should see then :::1 erase the ::::1 and you are back on the store

  • Daniel Scasso

    Download link isn’t working

  • Magicon

    Please update this app to work for apps like gameloft games

  • Darshan

    I’m getting error ..
    It’s show me that
    ‘ write permission on system partition are required in oder to use freedom’….
    Pls help me with this my mail id is [email protected]….

  • Omar Vazquez

    Lollipop support please

  • ashfak ahamed
  • shriram

    Hey app asking root acess

  • shriram

    Were can I find it

  • wolf stolz

    Lol , update please for Lollipop , its the best APP for ever, make a donate for lollipop only , i will spend a Bier 🙂 I thing many will give You a little bit.

  • Cyano Devacc

    Please upgrade to Android L!!!

  • Rafael Silva

    Update to L!

  • Ziad ALazizie

    Let’s fight together against Lollipop ;@


  • same rame

    Can it cause for jail or something like that?

  • rolo143

    Please add support for Android 5.0


  • dhiren

    when i am opening it. it says please wait after that it says that freedom is not
    available for your device plz help

    device name:- samsung galaxy core 2 sm-g355h (rooted)
    plz send me the updated version link

  • алика

    Как скачать приложения

  • joseph belangdal

    Why is it when i buy the gems it says payment succesfull but its pending what i gona do now?

  • joseph belangdal

    Pls help me

  • pokemon420

    🙂 $999999999

  • someone

    Been months and no lollipop support, I don’t think I’ll ever get to use it again 🙁

  • Mark Peñas Arce

    not workinh in pvz2
    cannot contact in the store

  • Jeffery Tse

    My phone said freedom is not available for this device.

  • Hardik Khandelwal

    Please tell me how to kake freedom work on my htc desite 816

  • nikibum98

    Please update to Lollipop

  • Wellington

    Essa porra nem abre, vai se foder filha da puta.

  • Hai Hoang

    using the oneplus one. says “not compatible with your device”

  • imam

    Some games aren’t online but still when purchasing it says something like “you are not connected to the internet” or purchase failed .. what should I do ?

  • Arya Dipa

    How to enable Hardcore ?

  • MrRedevil360 .

    I didnt close my freedom app when my cm11 updated to lollipop. so now i cant go on play store 🙁
    Please update it. thank u.

  • morecrap

    Why do you need S-off?


    Have friends who freedom.apk was whether the root install android 5.0? I installed but not working. Is there that can help? I do not know if the ROM stems from the root. KitKat was working smoothly. Thank you.


    hi there e-mail address associated with people who wonder freedom.apk?


    not supported with Android L. Update please :(((

  • jubu

    Update failed :”( :”(

  • Arjon Bujupi


  • Nice Post!

    Thanks for Posting.


    YJ ES Latest Buzz

  • Najaf

    Plz update for lollipop.

  • :(

    hi how do i fix app not installed problem

  • Heinner Padilla

    Updatye To use with Lollipop Please ! =(

  • Ziad ALazizie

    Guys, leave this crap & use LuckyPatcher it’s more effective.
    Direct Download <– Latest Version
    Home Page

  • Shahriar Kabir Tashik

    Need update for Android Lollipop. I am very angry.

    • SSBM

      Do you pay for this? Did you hire the developer? Nobody owes you anything for you to be angry, GO AWAY.

  • g12

    It doesn’t work with android lollipop. Please update

  • fico

    Fredom is working with art, were running art in kitkat and that was fine, its most probably something else, im trying to debug whats wrong, and it’s something new with how time and region is being read from system most probably.

    please update it to fix the problem 🙁

  • Freedom apk is the best hacking app for android. Now there is another app called lucky patcher which can hack in app purchases in non rooted devices too but still Freedom apk rocks. Hope Freedom apk will be soon available for lollipop.

    But at last salute to Freedom apk developers and for lucky patcher developers :- Nice Try dude.

  • lucky patcher is also good and effective but I love Freedom apk

  • lucky patcher is absolutely great but not powerful as Freedom apk. So Guys let’s stop the discussion between lucky patcher and Freedom apk. Why Don’t you accept both are great but Freedom apk is best because the concept of hacking in app purchases was of Freedom apk developers?

  • mostwanted


  • Taha Saad

    Update to lollipop please

  • Filippo

    Update please, not working with android l

  • Anonmous

    Can anyone help when i deactivated freecore my device wouldnt reload and gets stuck on the samsung screen

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  • Erick Leecard

    please update for android L

  • xv

    Dont work, Google play stop. Help!

  • xv

    Dont work, when i press to buy appears this: Google play stop. HELP

  • Jennifer Cj

    Pls hw do I root my device????????

  • Jennifer Cj

    Pls help, I downloaded freedom but it won’t’s saying “root access is required in order to use freedom” pls help me out

  • noname

    Don’t work heroes of camelot

  • David

    Is that the problem with SELinux in 5.0?
    Just wondering…

  • Freedom apk is the best hacking app for android. Now there is another app called lucky patcher which can hack in app purchases in non rooted devices too but still Freedom apk rocks. Hope Freedom apk will be soon available for lollipop.

    But at last salute to Freedom apk developers and for lucky patcher developers :- Nice Try dude.

  • saad khan

    Update it for lollipop plz

  • Eric John Parker Sr.

    None of the purchase go through at all and makes the store unavailabe, why?

  • Freedom apk is the best hacking app for android. Now there is another app called lucky patcher which can hack in app purchases in non rooted devices too but still Freedom apk rocks. Hope Freedom apk will be soon available for lollipop.

    But at last salute to Freedom apk developers and for lucky patcher developers :- Nice Try dude.

  • William Louis Endler

    mine keeps saying store unavailable on every app (it worked before but after awhile it just stopped working)
    and i have the offline licence thing ticked and if i enable free core my phone gets very hot and lags like crazy (lg optimus g pro aka lge980 rooted via towel root and superuser pro)

  • Anders Klarström

    Am I the only one who experiences crashes using 1.0.6? Running stock firmware 4.2.2, rooted, on SGS4? Google Play Store crashes when trying to buy anything from any game.

    • AlabamaVodka

      I guess its because google just updated their store and broke something

  • sblove

    Root access for droid razor m 4.4.2

  • Sufi

    Whenever I purchase something using freedom it says playstore stopped working, why is It happening???? Plz

  • AA

    i see free card, but when i purchase i get error “unfortunately, Google playstore has stopped working”

  • Proshifter

    Does NOT work with Android 5.0. PLEASE UPDATE!

  • Cesar Henrique

    no android 4.2.2 está dando um erro: google Play Parou

  • wolfie

    It keeps saying root access is needed to run freedom what does that mean

  • saad khan

    Plz update to lollipop


    I’m still on kitkat 4.4.4

    Freedom was working fine but bow everytime I try to use it when I press BUY button, the app closes and a message “Play store has stopped” appears.

    I don’t know what happened, I mean, I have not change the ROM or unistall my freedom apk.

    Pls help me.


    +Note 4
    +Kitkat 4.4.4
    +Cwm but I’m on stock ROM
    +It always works fine
    +I’m from México

  • joeldemaj

    update please..noy yet working on newest version google play
    last i have notice it still work is on older ver5.0.32 which is on nov 2014

  • joeldemaj

    update plsssssss

  • phantom

    play store stopped pls update

  • lololo

    latest play store stopped after purchasing something . using xiaomi pls fix

  • Troy

    Freedom worked a couple of months ago, but now every time I try to make a in-app purchase with it, during the “processing payment” stage (past password verification) the Google Play Store crashes and the purchase is not complete. I use Android 4.2.1, Freedom 1.0.6, Play Store 5.2.13 and Play services 6.7.76 (1745988-036).


      Uninstall play store updates and i belive theres a guide that stops play store from updating itself 🙂

  • Ryan U.

    Dosn’t work on Android 4.2.2 model gt p3113
    When ever I try to “purchase” something with this app it alwase says “Unfortunately Google Play has been stopped. ” and dosn’t work from there please fix! 🙁

  • Dang Deity

    not working with google play version 5.2.13 🙁

  • charlasmj sumoy

    Is it actually working?

  • Pag

    If you have root, you obviously have unknown sources enabled.

  • vito

    Need update, It doesn’t work anymore.

  • lucky patcher apk is as awesome than freedom apk. lucky patcher apk can hack in app purchases, remove license and crack android apps. So, lucky patcher apk is the best.

  • Selami Akdoğan

    Getting a play store stopped error on the latest google play on kitkat , update or fix please

  • get trick and tips android HERE


    With ace 4 when i try to buy something with freecard xxx the play store crash

  • davia


  • Hi guys, I can’t get Freedom to work with VSCOcam.
    I get “Unable to verify purchase” when tryin’ to buy filter packs.
    Anyone did it?
    Thank you!

  • seiha chan

    Freedom is not available on your device?
    On android 5.0 galaxy s5. Do you know to fix it?

  • Neiraldo Arraes


  • Neiraldo Arraes


  • Neiraldo Arraes


  • seiha chan

    Please update to lollipop! Pleaseeee….

  • Jack Frost


  • Crystian Jordan SenhorHobbes

    not working on lollipop

  • Jack Frost

    Yes it does, NEW FREEDOM v1.0.7,, Do me a FAVOR and make this in(Sort By Best).
    Also, Replys and give this post an (up). ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nikss

    It cant able to hacking gold bars in second time plz help

  • pushkardua

    Latest Freedom Apk for Android Lollipop 5.x:


  • Julian Ramirez

    Why you don’t update?

  • CJ



  • Kal Goop

    Not Working On App Called Polaris Office.
    Can someone hack and upload apk of Polaris Office 6.0.10

  • Freaky

    Here is Freedom 1.0.7d Android 5 Support

  • Sam

    doesn’t work on Galaxy s6 Edge, and HTC One M9

  • ahmed


  • Múhåmmåd Måsåß

    Not Working In Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, Kindly Fix It.

  • Abd El

    • Abd El §§§§§

    • Abd El §§§

    • Abd El /

  • وائل حسوني

    Live Now : !!

  • Jay Klaus (Partyninja)

    Please make a update were you can hack deer hunter 2014 and plants vs zombies 2 and pixal gun 3d please please please

  • brooce

    If you stop it will it still have your data?

  • brooce

    Does removing freedom remove your data?

  • Sam

    Not available for LG G3 -_-

  • ErlanggaHendriansyah

    i’m using android 4.2.2, downgrade my playstore to 5.1.11 (latest 5.4) which is known to be the last compatible version of playstore for freedom, and that’s when the trouble comes.

    playstore 5.1.11 will silently update itself to the latest version, without your confirmation.

    say, if you can prevent such thing from ever happen, than you can still use the power of freedom.

    well, i’m on a week streak without that happen (hope my run will continue further)

    i found out what might be able to cause the playstore to force update itself, i’m playing with my rom toolbox yesterday, in the app manager section under tools, i’m exploring what components of playstore that might be causing to force update, even when we tick “disable playstore update” option in freedom

    there are two suspicious component “” and “ (i believe this one is about auto update app, not the playstore, when you connected to a wifi network)”, then i managed to disable those two components. the freedom.apk works fine (with playstore 5.1.11 and disabled components). you might want to try to disable them.

    hope that helped.

  • Sad Hero

    What is freecore ?

  • Anas Albadry

    Dose it supports Clash of clans and Boom beach ???

    Because I have installed it and wanted to add gems in both games but it says TRANSECTION PENDING

    • Wu Karling

      doesn’t seem to work on clash of clans…does anyone know how to make it work? would have bought gems from them but the bastered are not accepting my c-card…

  • Freedom apk doesn’t work with Clash of kings game. 🙁

  • Sam Johnson

    It will not work for Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge either, says Google Play has stopped working.

  • Shekar

    Hey please update it for Android M dev preview

  • Essex

    Verizon Galaxy S6
    Android UV: 5.0.2
    After installing Freedom, Google play store just crashes. And for all you people that want to tell me to delete the hosts file or something inside if it, please notice I said it crashes, not get a connection error. Is there are any thoughts I’ve fixing this, it would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks, Essex

    P.S. For all you dumb assess out there, this app does not work and never will work for server sided apps and games such as Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clack of Kings and so on. So please shut up.

    • A$AP

      u need to have your device ROOTED , and even S-OFF if you have an HTC

      • Essex

        You sir, are dumber than an Apple user. I got that it needs to be rooted. I am rooted. And since I said I have a Galaxy S6, no need to bother going HTC.

        With that said, with Samsung’s MAJOR edits to the Android L and ART framework, Freedom WILL NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT, work on ANY Galaxy S6 variant until changed to work with these modifications. This is the same problem other large apps such as Xposed have.

        P.S. With that being said, would EVERYONE STOP SAYING TO EDIT THE DAMN HOST FILE. It doesn’t fix life. It is a fix for very few devices now a days.

        P.P.S. Freedom will NOT and NEVER will work for games such as Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash of Kings or any other server sided game.

        Ugh, cheers, Essex

  • iqra

    this freedom app is not working on clash of kings… please help me

  • Mohsin Gowalkar

    Not working for me anymore…it says google play stop working my mobile is Micromax A110q
    Android Jelly bean

  • play boy

    While purchasing gems &gold the in shadow fight 2 .i got code but it’s shows purchase error ….solution plzzzzz…

  • ivo

    E bellissima l

  • A$AP

    Works with fifa ultimate team coins ?

  • Proshifter

    Still not supported on Android L. Please update!! It’s been a year already!

  • Ranico

    Every time I click purchase is says google play stopet please ficks it I stried lucky pacher but did not work too


    После покупки пару приколюх,теперь вместо сумм покупок крутится кружок,типо обновляются размеры суммы покупок,как быть ?

  • Shaden Ewen-Thunderchild

    Worked great for me. And thanks for the delete tutorial, i accidently disabled google services!

  • Amani Mirza

    Is criminal case compatible with freedom? Because whenever I am trying to make an in app purchase..It ends up showing this error ” Your transaction didn’t go through. Your account has not been charged”. Can someone guide me with how to fix this?

  • Heather

    I was using Freedom in a game (the game was released a few hours prior to installing) and it worked great. Several hours later, I tried to make more purchases but nothing happens. where it usually had the price, it’s $0.0 error.

  • Ari Krishnan

    Am getting error tat, root access is required to launch freedom and no other pop ups to enable it. Please help me lunch freedom.

  • Killian Rabe

    I need a root

  • sohib


  • Will Cox

    this shit is outdated and doesn’t work on most of apps.

  • Sebastian Jorg

    soooo i fucked upp i think

  • Arath Suvel
  • لينداالفحلة

    كيف اهكر بيه صديقتي انجيلا

  • لينداالفحلة

    بليز قولوا
    ارجوكم انا احتاج هكر مجانا
    اماس مجاني

  • لينداالفحلة


  • Reina Kim

    “this program does not work with online application”
    how can i distinguish online application or not?

    if app needs login with facebook, this app is online application??

  • princes muskan

    it is 100% working you don;t need to go to any other website

  • Strato Caster

    Hi, i dowloaded the last version, but when I open it i didn’t find Google play app in freedom and when I tried to buy something it told me to update Google play. Help please.

  • Danish Lias Chy

    Is there is any in app purchase hack for clash of clans………freedom does not works with clash of clans

  • ali11


  • Dirgantara


  • Mota º

    In mine device say i/o error occurs! I’m using kitkat 4.4.2.

  • ShaqHax

    I use lollipop 5.0.1 on Samsung Galaxy S4 ROOTED device.
    It was working perfectly fine on Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga two days ago, I was able to buy goldbars from freecard but now whenever I do it says Payment Successful and right after gives this error “Thanks – Thanks for you purchase! Due to connection issues you did not get your product. We’ll try to send it to you until it works.” :S
    I press Retry button and it comes up “Purchase Successful! Gold Rush! Find your Gold Bars in Your Candy Bank!”
    But nothing there …..
    Please advise what needs to be done here??
    I have full connections as I can play games using both WiFi and my Phone Data …

    I was able to use it on Bubble Witch Saga 2 successfully….

  • megadown2016

    When you will release updated freedom for Android 5.1 ???

    • tamir

      latest beta is compitable with android 5.1

  • HomeX

    v1.0.7j – not working on Android 6 / Nexus 7 (2013) – “Freedom isn’t available for your device” 🙁
    Works perfect on Android 5.1.1.

    Anyone know a workaround for Android 6.0 ?

    • Gage Mcnutt

      Got same device and same issue …

    • GuyInDogSuit

      Doesn’t work with 6.0 Marshmallow. Probably won’t for another few months.

  • Rheo Franklin

    How do you root your phone

    • Gage Mcnutt

      Depending on the device.

  • Mario Nebuloni

    What about android marshmallow??

  • Shyam Satwani

    sir its saying that cannot connect to play store

  • john

    next time please make work without google account

  • GuyInDogSuit

    Please update to Marshmallow.

  • Gio Iann

    update for android m ?

  • Gio Iann

    is there a version for android 6.0 ????

  • Ahmed Rasim

    The program does not work with Android m

  • Valerio Pizzi

    with new playstore it doesn’t work

  • Rozapk

    Yes!!!! I found it!

  • does not support the android 6.0.0

  • Christian Pisano

    doesn’t work with new playstore

  • humamslayer12

    Everytime i press confirm on the purchase Pop up it shows freecard Thing but when i press confirm it Force stop… ( Unfortunately , google play has stopped ) 1.0.7 was working fine with android lollipop , But suddenly this problem has appeared even with the apps which was working fine :/

  • Andrea De Pasquale

    Hello, I’m trying to download the stable version by clicking the first link, and after 30 seconds of redirection, the next page says ‘no file found’.
    Help please?

  • Юккона

    Not working on Android M(

  • Vicky DX

    RIP Freedom…… May your source code get updated ! ..we will miss you

  • lolote

    1.0.8a no work with android M

  • Avneesh

    not supported with Android M. Update please

  • Muna Princewill

    Pretty cool

  • Noah Van Tiggel

    For everyone running 6.0+ use xposed with lucky patcher

  • Tomáš

    Is freedom going to be updated for Android 6.0?

  • Angel Rodriguez

    Get the beta version and it should work perfectly fine. Most of these comments are from a year ago. But for future users and people wanting to get it on lollipop

  • Alon

    Freedom nit working i have nexus 5
    Its says “isnt available for your device”
    Freedom 6.0.1v

  • Jack

    Do I really need S-Off for this to work? Cuz, I’ve just tried on S-On on Temple Run and it works.

  • wolf stolz

    No, freedom dont work with Android M.
    I hope it come quick a new Version.
    Tomorrow i will test LuckyPatcher it have iap Option too.

  • wolf stolz

    Iap free dont work with lucky patcher and Android M for me too 🙁

  • Serpentine Habridge

    freedom is not working in android 6.x.x..any update

  • HomeX

    v1.0.8b out, and finally working @ Android M! Thanks!

    • lolote

      Beta link is empty and normal link say no file found

      • HomeX

        In here yes, but look @ 4pda official forum 🙂

  • kanink

    suddenly stopped working. it worked yesterday and today it doesnt work anymore. no “freecard xxx”. always normal google play purchase there and not enough money screen.(i didnt change anything on my phone since yesterday). any ideas what happened?

    • Luke

      Same here….worked before….not anymore…downloaded v1.0.8b….same thing (no freecard xxx)

    • Nguyên Thái

      Me too, it’s not show Freecard xxx anymore 🙁

  • Itachi

    I have a problem for my contry plis hel my

  • Mohsin Shaikh

    I don’t get freecard option. I am using 1.0.8b on miui 7.1 running on 4.4.4. Kindly advise

  • KawaiiToro

    Wait…it isn’t compatible with my device, so can i still delete it off without it doing anything to my play store or i have to do something else to disable it
    someone pls help :/ im new to this

  • Barney Stinson

    A new Play Store update probably patched it. To make Freedom work again, until a new version is released, you need to uninstall Play Store updates from system settings, and select the option to Disable Play Store Updates” in Freedom settings (so Play Store doesn’t autoupdate before you do what you want to do). Just tried it and it works.

    • kanink

      not working for me. if google detects an account using freedom, it disables the whole account for freedom (no idea how it detects and disables). my proof: freedom didnt work anymore for my account. i created a new account, and it worked. after some time, it stopped working for that account too. and now google changed its registration settings: to make a new account, it is obligatory to enter your mobilephone number and enter a code sent by google as sms. back then you didnt need to enter a phone number, you could skip it. now you cant skip.

      • Barney Stinson

        Hmm no idea about how or why your account got disabled, just tried it once more on mine and it worked. And I, too, have been asked for a phone number to verify my account in the past. I tried with Score! Hero, Final Kick, Loneworf, purchases with Freecard were successful.

        Mind sharing which app have you tried? In certain apps, like Viber for example, IAPs are automatically disabled if Freedom is detected and they remain disabled for that specific account -in the same device- even after it’s uninstalled.

        • kanink

          Its not bout which app I tried. For me freedom isnt working for every single app. “Freecard” isnt showing up anymore. As I said, I could solve that problem with creating a new account. The new account worked with freedom. I logged the new one out, logged in with the old one, and it didnt work again. Thats why I suggested google disabled freecard on my acc. And now the new acc is disabled too and I cant creat a new acc because I need a phone number now. And I dont want to give my phone number to google. – btw lucky patcher is still working. so its not because of apps disabling IAP.

          • Barney Stinson

            Hmm so it may be entirely possible that google just hasn’t disabled it for me yet. I too have reverted to LP until Freedom is updated. Thanks for your input 🙂

          • kanink

            Well it could be that Im totally wrong. But the fact that a new acc worked with freedom, while the old one didnt work anymore, convinced me. When it happend the first time, of course I had no idea what was the cause. I resetted my phone, even installed a custom rom on it. No step solved this problem until I created a new acc. And the fact that google now made a phone number obligatory for an email makes sense with my idea for me. So you cant easily switch your acc and use freedom again. There is something I should mention: I didnt use Market Unlocker (Russia store), because it wasnt required anymore to use freedom.

    • Mantas

      Which play store version are you on? Cant get freedom to work on 5.1.1 s6 edge playstore 6.0.5

      • Budi Satria

        try 5.9.12 version

  • TheDeadShadow

    Plss help it doesn’t show me the freecard only that I don’t have enough money om my account

    • John Smith

      Same here. One reply below stated that Google has done something to our Google accounts that prevent Freedom from working. I don’t know if Freedom can come out with an update this time to fix this.

  • Sacrificius BanHammer

    Stopped working with the play store 6.0.5… Need an update please : (Android Lollipop 5.1.1)

    • Budi Satria

      use old play store version. i use 5.9.12 version and its work
      u can google for apk

  • Fleek

    freedom doesent work on my tablet anymore the free card wont pop up anyone else having the same problem and my tablet is rooted with kingroot Help and the android version is 4.4.4

    • kanink

      read some posts below and all its comments for more information

  • Fiorenzo

    I have S6 with 6.0.1 ( Marshmallow ) and it doesn’t work because freedom crashes continually ..

  • Fiorenzo

    S6 Marshmallow and it doesn’t work, it crashes

  • 1.0.8b is not working anymore on newest google play.

  • Paweł Wrona

    Freedom working now! Thank You so much!

  • Nitin George

    Freedom 1.0.8c force closes and then says it’s not available for my device.

    Sony Xperia Z5 running Android 6.0

  • Anji

    It keeps telling me that the app needs root access… What does that mean?

  • Aziz

    I have S7 with 6.0.1 ( Marshmallow ) and it doesn’t work because freedom crashes continually ..

  • Aziz

    I have S6 too with 6.0.1 ( Marshmallow ) and it doesn’t work because freedom crashes continually ..

  • Zyga

    What the hell how do i go in freedoms menu becose i want to delete it PLEASE HELP ME

  • Freedom is good but Lucky patcher is best. Try once, you will never regret of downloading it. For more info:- . You can download directly Lucky patcher apk from this site.

  • Danilo Scala

    Please freedom in Android 6.0.1 close and no work, i can not stop… Xperia z5 premiam. Please keep this Great work and updates friend

  • Danilo Scala

    1.08f close app in Xperia z5 premium 6.0.1 no work, please fix and keep this Great work, thanks friend

  • Danilo Scala

    the freedon 1.0.8g the app frozen and close in android 6.0.1 xperia z5 premium. please keep update this great work friend

  • Aziz Bouyhy

    Can you please fix the craching issue with android 6.0.1 even with the latest update 1.0.8g.thanks

  • Jimmy Tamayo

    Hi I cannot use freedom it forcecloses itself on Android 6.0.1 I tap the icon and it says freedom as granted su permissions but it closes please if someone can tell me how to fix it

  • Aziz Bouyhy

    Aleluah finally you fixed the crashing issue with android 6.0.1 with the 1.0.8m working fine with the latest playstore services

  • Aziz Bouyhy

    Why there is everyday a new version?

  • Bhavesh Khomne

    Hi I cannot use freedom it forcecloses itself on Android 6.0.1 I tap the icon and it says freedom as granted su permissions but it closes please if someone can tell me how to fix it

    • Try the latest version, please.

  • JonnieX

    yea bitchez!thanks man!!!

  • kadorius johnson

    Have you gotten this to work with the Nvidia Shield Android TV?

  • Grim

    I used Freedom for couple days and then it’s started asking for root access even though It has it, my phone oneplus 2 running on Android 6.0.1, any help ?

    • Try to reinstall you root application (SuperSU?).

  • Alberto

    Doesn’t work with suhide by Chainfire, something about “system can’t be enchanted” when started and “Unknown error” after try to select any application.

    • Send report in “Feedback” via application, please.

  • مخبش هع

    wow, It’s Great

  • Mitch

    Please help. My phone is rooted and I gave access to freedom but when I try to open an application through this app it says ‘write permissions on system partition are required in order to use freedom’

    • It seems like “/system” is locked for writing. Search on xda how to unlock your device.


    If i use this lil method Can i use the cracked in app purchases in a non rooted device?

  • Leonardo

    can someone explain to me what the ”Subscriptions Emulation” and ”Freecore” features do?

    • “Subscriptions Emulation” means that Freedom will try to emulate subscriptions. But this usually don’t work because in 90% subscriptions are for online servces.
      “Freecore” is special patch of system library that can help to hack some apps.

  • Whizpopthat

    I’ve used freedom on an online application before but now it won’t work, it was like a week ago or less

  • Hey guys, before using this app, you need to root your android with KingRoot

  • Please also write a review about KingRoot


    Works like a charm on Xiaomi redmi note 3 pro

  • The blog really assists me much and it’s been a week that I’ve been
    searching on this topic. Thanks anyway for sharing my favorite itunes gift card codes

  • Before using freedom app, you must root your android with KingRoot

    • KingRoot is ok for most devices, but with some devices there are problems. Freedom requires ability to change system partition. If Freedom says “no permissions to write to the system partition” – try SuperSU in this case.

  • Collin Lutz

    Can’t you be charged for theft by using this? Seems rather easy to track who is using it. Your email is right there under where it says freecard

    • Whole emulation is performed inside your device. But in any cases check the law of your country.

  • MLGMLGMLG (aka miner ftw)

    It works for all apps except the one that I want it to work. clash royale… there is no known way to hack it right now

  • Can I get ShowBox app for free?

  • Dilip Sharma
  • Chris

    Still work?

  • gabipoiu

    since 4 days not working anymore
    google play update and breaks freedom
    tried latest version 1.6.9.a/b and no succes with android 6.0.1.
    in fact the very last version 1.6.9b not granting root
    please continue your wonderful work !
    thank you !

  • gabipoiu

    not working latest 169c on MM
    no free card appear
    please make it work

  • gabipoiu


  • JonnieX

    @@@ yea

  • Rayman Al-Eryani

    Hey there, I Remember there was a link for a page contain list of supported apps by freedom. and the list was always updated i can’t find the list now can anyone help??

  • wolf stolz

    I have installed v1.7.0 and it works nice but now it tell me, there is an Update avadible​ but i cant found it.

  • Fábio Rocha

    Gostaria de ajudar o projeto.

  • gabipoiu

    Thank you Madkite.
    Version 174 works very good.

  • gabipoiu

    Not working anymore
    Unable to purchase and playstore crashes.

  • gabipoiu

    please make it work again madkite !
    we need freedom !

  • gabipoiu

    please make it work again !!

  • gabipoiu

    tried latest version 175 and no free card appear and playstore crashes 🙁

  • gabipoiu

    thank you for your hard work !
    you rock !

  • JonnieX

    Don’t workING with latest play store and magisk

  • gabipoiu

    working good with latest ps

  • JonnieX

    freedom cant make purchases still but lucky patcher can

  • JonnieX

    playstore he got us fuk google

  • JonnieX

    Don’t work with newest version also

  • gabipoiu

    working good with 176c

  • gabipoiu

    latest version works good !

  • gabipoiu

    latest version working good !

  • Anthony Smillie

    1.8.4 breaks IAP – with freedom enabled I get told I’m offline whenever I try to buy. Works fine without freedom. Please fix or post links to previous version.

    • JebaczKoz

      But I think Google patch Freedom exploit.

  • Frisca Setyowidodo

    I need help super bad. 5 days ago i could still use freedom with no problem. But then my phone suddenly rebooted and freedom stopped working since. It keeps telling me “no internet connection” everytime i try to make a purchase through the freedom app. I have the newest freedom and google play installed. I can access the google playstore with no problem, i can download apps with no problem. It only gives me problem whenever i make a purchase through the freedom app. Same freedom version which used to work before the reboot now it has stopped working for no apparent reason. I have tried every possible solution i came accross the internet: delete the hosts file, fix time and date, uninstall updates of google play store, fix permissions, etc, nothing worked. I am at loss at what to do to get freedom to work again. Please help, and if possible, please reply to my email [email protected]
    Thank you so much!

  • gabipoiu

    not working anymore

  • Not working. I’m using 1.8.4

  • gabipoiu

    not work

  • Ritesh Das
  • Not working now!

    • The IAP reply “No internet connection” only.

    • gabipoiu


      • No, It still reply “No internet connection”.

      • The Play store is version 8.1.73, and the Android is version 7.1.2 Nougat.

        • gabipoiu


          • Do you know how stupid you are? It worked alright just a while ago but not working now, and I think It’s because of the play store update. However, there is no way to downgrade right now.

  • gabipoiu


  • Schabowy

    Not working with latest Google Play 🙁

  • Mustafa Bodur

    My device android 5.0.1 and freedom says this whenever I try to use it; “Please Downgrade the Play Store”

  • Moltres Rider

    Freedom has not worked for several weeks now. Freedom needs updating

  • gabipoiu

    Not working anymore on nougat with latest PS

    • Moltres Rider

      No it does not. I enabled all options and still does not work

      • gabipoiu


        • Moltres Rider

          That is the version I have. still not working.

  • Sriram Manickam

    1.8.4 not working on current playstore. It says downgrade playstore. please update freedom guys

    • Paul Rivieras

      Why dont you just do AS the APP says? Too hard for you to switch back playstore after hack?

  • 刘云飞

    not support 8.X or higher version play store.

  • Alaa Ghallab

    Please update app it always says downgrade Google play store

  • alfhem stein

    Does not work with Samsung Galaxy s6 edge+ SM-G928F , nougat 7.0

  • Nikolas Spiridakis

    Please fix it…..

  • downgrade play to v5 or 6 ( may be 7)
    and freedom working like a charme
    -> not working with v8

  • Horus

    Not working on oreo