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  • Walter Piracci

    Not working with Sampletank, Beatmaker 2 …please fix

    • Ranged Scorpion

      Some apps have an anti AppStore pwnage script in the game.. Meaning usually there is nothing you can do about it or you could try to edit the game scripts. But a lot of apps don’t have that so just try new apps!

  • rythm

    No connection error

  • rythm

    Pls help what to do

  • Anonymous

    Compatibility with Android 5.0 please!!!!

  • rolo143

    Please add support for Android 5.0

    A lot of users will appreciate this. Thanks!!!

  • jomandye

    ADD paypal for donate pls

  • jomandye

    prefiero donaros el dinero a pagarselo a google, dar soporte a lolipop pronto

  • guido stroboss

    Freedom isn’t available for your device. I’ve a Note 4 (N910C) with Lollipop, what’s wrong?

  • Ranged Scorpion

    I really want to donate to you awesome devs but I can’t cause I’m 12.. And broke… ;-;

  • Dennis Kibet

    i don’t understand why some people are complaining not working on all apps but it has helped them in a lot.If i was earning this would be yhe first app to donate t

  • Ash Ketchum

    Please add PayPal as a donation option.