Getting started to receive your in-app for free on OS X

10.7+ (Lion), 10.6.8 does not have in-apps!

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If you are using Mountain Lion, there is a zero step: Enable “anywhere” sources for software in>Security&Privacy:

Enabling in-appstore is simple. It takes only 4 steps:

  • installation of CA certificate
  • installation of certificate
  • changing DNS record in wi-fi settings
  • Running application with support of Grim Receiper (to save your original AppStore receipts)


Lets begin!



Navigate Safari to liks with these certificates: FirstSecond. They will be automatically saved as *.cer files in your downloads folder. Just import them into keychain by double-clicking on OS X 10.8.1. If you have earlier version – save it using CMD+F and selecting:

  • Export as *.pem
  • Format: Page Source
Then click “Save” and “Don’t Append”:
Your desktop should look like this:

Click twice on first certificate. KeyChain Utility should open. Click “Always Trust”, then enter your local credentials and click “Update Settings”:

Click twice on second certificate and install it just like first one.



Download Grim Receiper from That’s the tool to keep your original receipts in safe place (locally, of course) during you are using
Mount, copy Grim to some folder.


From this step you can continue, if you already used in-appstore on OS X before.
Open System Preferences->Network and set DNS of your network to the following IP:
Select network->Advanced->DNS->Click “+”->Fill IP->Okay->Apply



U’re done!

You should run Grim Receiper every time you are using!
Open Grim Receiper. Click “Just let me do smth”. Drag your application where you want to “buy” in-apps on it and on in-app purchase you will get this message:

Click like. Enter random credentials. Enjoy!

Here is the video (in Russian, English comments available):



If you see default app-store “Are you sure to purchase?” you ARE NOT CONNECTED TO IN-APPSTORE.COM. Please re-read instructions and try to setup service again.

Project is in beta stage. So there are restrictions:

After “purchasing” you must unset DNS. You can set it again without certificates installation to access in-appstore again. (just select DNS and click “-“):


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